When your resume isn’t working and you need a new job fast

try the Fast Track Transition Group

What is the Fast Track Group?

The Fast Track Transition Group is an online subscription to the best career “how-to” help available anywhere.

The Group Includes:

  • Job Search Workbook and Materials
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • Resume Samples
  • Networking Strategies
  • Interview Skill Building
  • Job Search Forum

The  group gives you everything you need to become a better job seeker and attract the right job offers quickly. Every idea, strategy, and tactic has been specifically developed for people in transition; all materials are presented in an easy to understand step-by-step format you employ at your own pace.


Learn to:

  • Conduct a efficient and effective search
  • Build a resume that gets noticed
  • Present yourself positively
  • Identify more/better opportunities
  • Expand your professional network
  • Turn interviews into offers
  • Negotiate a higher salary
  • Manage your career for the long-term


What’s in the Fast Track Group:

  • #1 The Twelve Modules of The Fast Track Program

    Looking for a job can be confusing. You need a simple but powerful program that works for you. We explain the rules, the process, and all the how-to knowledge necessary to find the ideal job for you. Understanding how to play the game, yields better results.

    1. Adjusting to Job Loss. If you’ve recently lost your job and find yourself on that emotional roller-coaster the Fast Track Transition Group can help you gain perspective and get you on the path to a new career without carrying all that unpleasant baggage.
    2. Financial Concerns. Everyone has financial concerns especially when when we’ve lost the income associated with our work. Learn how to budget effectively through your job search and preserve and appropriate your resources.
    3. Get Mentally Fit. It takes a certain mindset to conduct a job search successfully. There are many limiting mindsets that prevent you from operating effectively. This is especially true if you have been  looking unsuccessfully for more than a few months. The information and exercises in the Fast Track Transition Group gives you the ability to move forward with confidence.
    4. Skills & Accomplishments. Your skills and accomplishments identify the product that your next employer will buy. When you pinpoint your skills with supporting accomplishments, you show your next employer that you are the only person to fill the role.
    5. Convey the Right Information. Messages are at the heart of any successful job search. Good messages get attention, interest and response. Once you master your job search messages, employers will start to respond to you favorably.
    6. Resume Development. A great resume is essential to a successful job search. However, most professionals struggle to create them. Like everything else in the Fast Track Transition Group, you receive step-by-step instructions on how to create a resume that works for you.
    7. Keywords. In todays “apply online world,” keywords hold a great deal of importance for every job seeker. We’ve assembled comprehensive keyword lists by occupation that you can use in your resume and marketing materials.
    8. Marketing Plan. Every successful job search starts with a strong and executable marketing plan. It defines how we are going to meet our next employer.
    9. Cover Letters. It is important to understand not only the function but also the form of cover letters.In addition, there are many other types of letters that you will need in your job search. They’re all here.
    10. Interviewing. Jobs are won through strong interviews. Learn how to communicate effectively so that your skills and accomplishments shine through.  Standout from the crowd in this important part of the job search.
    11. Networking. Networking can be the most important tool in your job search toolkit. Learn to deliver concise messages, ask the right questions, listen, and follow-up effectively. You learn how to break down job search conversations into their component parts and get consistently great results.
    12. Negotiating an Offer. Most people hesitate to negotiate their compensation, benefits, and time off. All of these are negotiable and will be important to you as you begin your new job. If you are one of the many who feel uncomfortable negotiating, the Fast Track Group has suggestions and strategies you can use to overcome your fears and negotiate like a pro.
  • #2 Teleclasses - Recorded Coaching Calls
    Fast Track members can participate in two coaching calls each month. Though we’d like to have you participate in the live call, we understand that schedules don’t always permit that. So we record the calls and have archived of over a year’s worth of coaching calls that you can access when you have time.
    Coaching Call topics include:
    • How to outline a powerful job search plan
    • How to write a great resume
    • Effective networking
    • Follow-up like an expert
    • The secrets of keeping in touch
    • Managing your attitude
  • #3 Supplemental Group Materials
    In addition to all the materials above, we also include: articles as well as the work of other experts, 9 salary calculators, other resources and templates, a recommended book list, and a copy of the Fast Track Transition Group Workbook. All newly created information is included at no additional cost.
  • #4 Monthly Group Access. What you get every month
    • Fast Track update by email to keep you apprised about Group news and upcoming Coaching Calls.
    • Two live Coaching Calls each month. Calls explore topics in depth and include hands-on exercises. We also encourage you to tell us what topics you’d like discussed.
    • If you have questions, find answers in the job search forum.
    • We can match you up with other group members in a Mastermind group. These small groups produce great results through support and accountability.
    • Individual coaching is available too. Book your coaching session with the staff member you choose by selecting the coach that best suits your needs.

  • 14111bd–Colin H. Milwaukee, WIThanks for making my transition so easy. After months of frustration, I just followed the step-by-step process in the Fast Track program and within a month I had a great new job. THANKS!

  • 0902926–Natalie R. De Pere, WII was skeptical that an on-line program would work for me, but the 7 day free trial assured me that joining the Fast Track Group was a good decision. I found the coursework informative and engaging and the coaching calls were a bonus I hadn't counted on.

  • 3401be7–Brett S. San Leandro, CAI was downsized, working with an outplacement firm, and thoroughly frustrated until I found the Fast Track Group. The resources and tools I found in the group helped me uncover the "how" to make my search efforts pay off quickly.

  • 0019d75–Barry D. Annapolis, MDAfter a long career, I lost my job and worried about finding something suitable. A friend recommended the Fast Track Group to me; I joined and had a new job within 7 short weeks. Thank you just isn't enough!

  • 026259f–Joyce F. Tampa, FLI was impressed with the Fast Track group the moment I joined. As a VP level HR professional, I had the same difficulty perfecting my resume, interview skills and networking techniques. The materials were easy to follow and I learned a great deal from the coaching calls and video tutorials.

  • 24c7198–Tiffany M. Chicago, ILMy job search went much faster than I expected! Like most people who have lost their job and have young families, I was attracted to the self-paced way I could read, study and learn when I had the time because the group resources were available to me 24/7. Thank You!

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